Siding Installation & Repair Solutions in Niagara

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl remains a top pick for many homeowners seeking a durable siding solution. Modern advancements ensure fewer instances of cracks, fading, warp, and buckle, guaranteeing your home’s exterior preserves its aesthetics longer. With a plethora of shades and textures available, our vinyl siding can even mimic the look of wood or cedar shakes.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, vinyl siding is both budget-friendly and requires minimal maintenance. It’s energy-efficient, and at Baron Roofing, we provide EnergyStar certified vinyl with foam backing, offering up to four times the insulation of conventional siding. This means more savings on heating costs for you.

Baron Roofing emphasizes the use of premium materials and meticulous installation, ensuring you enjoy years of hassle-free beauty.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is your go-to if you’re aiming for a timeless and authentic aesthetic. We present both pine and cedar siding options, renowned for their durability with the right care. You can opt for either horizontal or vertical placements, tailored to your aesthetic preferences. Baron Roofing ensures precision in installation and will guide you on maintaining the shingles to maximize your investment’s lifespan.

You have the liberty to paint or stain the wooden siding to your liking. While you can choose to handle this yourself, we have cultivated relationships with several top-tier companies specializing in wood siding finishes. Baron Roofing is always ready to connect you with our trusted partners for recommendations.

Aluminum Siding

For those seeking a sturdy and low-maintenance solution, we present our aluminum siding options. Perfectly crafted to withstand Ontario’s varying temperatures, we offer a range of vibrant, lasting colors tailored to your design vision. This siding is particularly apt for the higher levels of residences to minimize potential dents.

With over three decades in the siding business, Baron Roofing stands as a beacon of industry expertise. Uncertain about the ideal choice for your home, style, and budget? Our seasoned experts are on hand to evaluate your property, offering invaluable guidance to maximize both value and results.

Boost your home’s curb appeal and enhance its market value, making it a showpiece in your neighborhood with Baron Roofing’s expert solutions.