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Frequently Asked Questions

Roof Repairs & Replacements
Is your roof more than 10 years old? Once your roof ages past 10 years, you may notice some of these signs of weathering or damage. If you do, it indicates that your roof needs repair.

  • Broken or missing shingles
    Extreme wind conditions and snow removal can damage your shingles. This may take the form of broken, torn, or missing shingles, which can create leaks and/or water damage.
  • Buckling
    When roof decks warp, they create a visible distortion of the horizontal lines of shingles on the roof, going up the roof slope (buckling). Shingle tabs become exposed to wind and wear, leaving your roof at risk for water entering.
  • Clawing
    Clawing takes place when a shingle’s bottom edge curls under the rest of the shingle. The remaining bulge is susceptible to substantial damage, such as wind, hail, or ice.
  • Curling
    Curling is similar to clawing, only the shingle tabs curl upward. It makes shingles highly susceptible to wind and ice damage.

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